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On-line price calculator PCB

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The on-line calculator provides you with general price evaluation in accordance with basic pricing.
The final price could be influenced by such factors as the type of materials used, the thickness of the material and foil, the quantity, PCB size, complexity class and accuracy of the PCB, which are not reflected in our on- line calculator. For accurate price evaluation we recommend you to send us your request or final project.


Layers quantity

length, mm

PCB thickness, mm

Foil thickness

Solder mask
Final finish
Gold Fingers
Patterns/windows, dm
Electric control
Complexity class*
Hole quantity
PCB quantity
* If the width of conductors or annular ring or gaps are less than 0,2mm or the plating holes are less than 0,4mm the project refers to 4th complexity class. If the the width of conductors or annular ring or gaps are less than 0,15mm or plating holes less than 0,3mm the project refers to 5th complexity class

The calculation results (Prices are in RUB)
Prototype Standard Express
New order
Price per 1 dm2
Price per 1 board
Repeated order
Price per 1 dm2
Price per 1 board

* The volume for Super-express tariff is up to 1000 dm2
** The price on preparatory process of the PCB order is fixed and is calculated independently towards chosen tariff
                                         Terms of production:

Standard: Single-and double-sided: 14 calendar days MLB: 20-25 calendar days

Express Single-and double-sided: 7-8 calendar days MLB: 10-12 calendar days

Super express: Single-and and double-sided: 2-3 calendar days MLB: 4-5 calendar days

Prototype Single-and double-sided: 4-5 calendar days MLB: 7-8 calendar days

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