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In outumn of 1991 we started under the brand name LLP '' PS- Electro''(Electroconnect Ltd) on the base of Governmental institution Automation and Electrometry located in Akademgorodok, is a part of the Russian city Novosibirsk, located 20 km south of the city center. It is the educational and scientific centre of Siberia.

The literal translation of Academgorodok (Academgorodoc) is ‛Academic Town. It was founded during the Cold War near Novosibirsk as the Soviet Unions largest scientific center to the east of the Ural Mountains. At that time the Soviet Government tried to create ideal living and working conditions for scientists akademgorodok is built in the forest has everything you need to relax and a great number (35) research institutes, medical academy, Novosibirsk State University (NSU) are situated here.

Electroconnect is a high mix Electronics Manufacturing Services provider specializing in printed circuit board production and assembly through complex product manufacturing for leading Russian OEMs.

Electroconnect has a performance management system and a professional team pursing excellence, innovation and experience, aiming to build the benchmarking in PCB and PCBA industries. By using the advanced equipment imported from the Japan, German and Israel, our production and technical ability have been greatly improved. Up to know, our services support customers in the Medical, Industrial, Wired/Wireless Telecom, Networking, Computing, Aerospace/Military, Aviation, Automotive and Consumer industries from all over the Russia.

Electroconnect has established clear commitment to the quality guarantee, to environment and government regulations by implementing ISO 9001 Management System. This fact ensures our customers not only with the consistent quality, but also with cost effective services for their products. It doesn't matter what do you need: PCB, PCBA or components, Electroconnect is always capable to service you well!

Today ‛Electroconnects is almost 20 years old. It is considerable age comparing to young Russian economy, but at the same time perfect age for new start ups on the base of large background.

‛Giving what you matters: Quality, Delivery and Price is the everlasting business principle we are striving for. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. To find out what greatest value Electroconnect can bring you, please do not hesitate to drop a letter to us or give us a call

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