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Non-standard features PCB production

‛Electroconnect‛ ltd is constantly growing enterprise, founded in 1991 and specialized in wide range of services related to PCB production. We offer our customers a range of options of PCB production, in accordance with their needs and future order implementation. The complexity vary from simple ones to non-standard PCBs.

The whole production line is based on advanced equipment, which afford us not only to complete the most challenging projects of our customers, but also to develop the best quality of it.

We are non-stop developing enterprise: flexible to the market demand, due to constant control over its changes, and receptive to the usage of technological novelty, which appear on The Word Market of PCB production.

If you pay attention to the knowledge and technology the global electronics has received last time, you are going to be impressed by rapid appearance of any novelty, its growth, development and out dating of the novelty. Manufacturing enterprises can not afford investment in technologies, which are unpromising. That is why we do researches and accurate evaluation of advantages of each technology (process technology relatively) since its rudimentary and developing stages in the field of electronics. In case of positive consideration of a new technology, we take measures for it implementation in our production.

Such planing and decision making, consequently, is also considered in accordance with already functioning infrastructure and range of technology used in our non-standard PCB production.


  • High Density Interconnect (HDI) - PCBs of high complexity mean PCB with High Density Interconnect. Usually this circuits have the value of figure parameters less than are typically set in technical requirements and capacities of our manufacture, that is why such an order needs increased attention of our technologists and additional quality inspection on each step.



  • PCB with metal side - is ideal for electromagnetic compatibility requirement, for signal integrity and for cooling conditions. IMPORTANT: it is necessary to take in to account that for the following production and/or montage the bridges of 1-2 mm must be placed on the contour of PCB, for holding the circuits on the plate and these bridges can't be plated. If the positions of the bridges are not indicated in the order files, our specialists choose the places for its location in accordance with technological expediency.



  • Half hole pcb - are microminiature modules with half holes used as an exit for the mounting with another circuit by SMT technology.
    - the minimal diameter 0,8 mm
    only "standard" term of production.



  • Metal Core PCB (Aluminium Base PCB) are mostly used in the montage with high thermal rating components (high-brightness emitting diode, laser emitter and etc.) The conceptual design of this PCB type includes the layer of conductors, metal base and dielectric layer between first two. Advantageous features of such PCB device are perfect thermal dispersal and increased endurance of the dielectric, when it is exploited under high voltage.
    - Machining: only counter routing
    - final finish: only HASL;



  • Microwave PCBs made on fluorine base with dielectric coefficient less than 3 and with the least tangent of the dielectric loss, performs excellent thermal and mechanical stability. Currently such materials as Flan, Diflar, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic and etc perform this features.




  • Microwave PCB on ceramic - base are thermally stable and unite the best features of fluorine materials, such as rigidity, high electric and mechanic parameters in large range of temperature conditions. This circuits are usually exploited in the system of satellite communication, particularly in microstrip antenna production.




  • Planar transformer on the base of MLB Currently the planar transformer on the base of MLB displaces traditional power transformer. The modern technology of electromagnetic devices design implies the usage of the PCB instead of carcass and wire wrap winding. The routes, applied on PCB take place of winding. PCBs are packed in to several layers, separated by insulating material, and are placed in ferrite core.


The price of such an order varies depending on different parameters and is determined in each case individually.

To calculate an accurate price, terms and capabilities of manufacturing such an order we need Gerber or PCB files, fulfilled order-form and the description of the project, which you can send us on e-mail.

You can receive any kind of technical and organizational consultation by making a call to our office or sending an e-mail with your question. Don't hesitate to contact us, especially in case of projecting new PCB or if you are going to set more strict parameters, than usually. You are always welcomed in our office and we appreciate cooperation with our high professional personal in resolution problems and limitations.

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