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Order arrangement norms

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Order arrangement norms

Basic requirements

1. First order request should consist of PCB topology, order-form and accompanying text of the letter. Repeated order may consist of order-form and/ or accompanying text. It is permitted to present accompanying text in paper form.

2. It is permitted to request a repeated order by phone, with the following e-mail confirmation.

3. The PCB topology must be presented electronically.

4. The topology of the PCB can be presented in paper form or as a prepared model, but it requires additional agreement about the terms and price of preparatory work.

5. The files can be transferred by USB in the format of MSDOS

6. The name of the file should consist of not more than 20 symbols.

7. Each order consist of the PCB of one title.

8. The size of the work space of each panel is 428x283 for single-and double-sided PCB , 413,5x273 for multilayer PCB. Each order receives its individual number, which is indicated into the check .

9. The gaps between PCBs placed on the panel is 2,3 mm.

10. The composition of PCB group panel (block) for automatic mounting in some cases needs to be agreed with our PCB engineer. In case of counter routing machining the gap between PCBs in block is 2,3 mm, in case of v-cutting PCBs are situated closely.

11. If the size of each PCB on the panel is less than 25x25 mm, we set it in unit blocks. If the space between PCBs in block is not specified by the customer, the counter routing is done with the interval between PSBs equal to 2,3 mm and with 4 bridges of 0,8x1,25 mm size. V-cut machining is also available with small PCBs, in this case PCBs are not separated as well, but are located closely.(more... ).

PCB order

First order.

The first order must consist of order-form and project files and provide with the following information required:

1. The city and the name of your organization.

2. Contact information (fax, e-mail)

3. The name and the size of the project file (if the name is not indicated we give it in accordance with the name of gerber file).

4. The quantity of the layers required.

5. The quantity of the PCB required.

6. The term you need the order to be completed (standard, express, super-express or prototype)

7. Contact information:

- for technical consultation

- for organizational resolutions

- for delivery

8. The size of PCB

9. Measure parameters mm/ inch (For inch to indicate 100DBU=25,4 or 100DBU=25,0mm)

10. Delivery option (self delivery/ UPS/DHL/ Post Office )

11. Technical requirements:

- Solder Mask (No/two sides/up/down )

- Solder Mask dry film / liquid

- Legend: (no/two sides/up/down)

- Electrolytic plating printed contacts (No/ nickel/ gold/ HASL)

- Layers titles and designations

- The layer with PCB counter information (title, usually BRDOUT or BOARD)

- Patterns and windows of the board must be depicted in counter layer.

- Non-plating holes and its situation on the board.

- material thickness (1,5 by default)

- foil thickness (18 um, by default)

- Layers sequence (MLB)

- Unit block requirements

12. Montage (if needed)

13. Post address and requisites

File requirements

1. For Gerber RS-274X:

  • files must contain each layer description, including PCB counter file.
  • drilling file in EXCELLON size with equipment parameters declared.
  • Files must be converted to text format (ASCII)
  • by default, all layers are projected to be visible through upper layer (all layers are made directly without mirror effect)

2. Drilling file needs detailed description

Repeated order PCB

Repeated order should contain the following information:

1. The city and the name of your organization.

2. Contact information (fax, e-mail)

3. The number given to the order file previously in our company.

4. Files titles

5. The quantity of the PCB required.

6. The term you need the order to be completed (standard, express, super-express or prototype)

7. Delivery option (self delivery/ UPS/DHL/ Post Office )

8. Any novelty or changes in the project should be reflected in the order-form.

9. The modified repeated order is considered as repeated in case when these parameter changes lead to the simplification of the PCB or are not significant for file processing.

10. Montage (Yes/ no)

11. Post address and requisites

All data is contained in order-form

You can download the order-form here.

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